How to set up a Mocktail Bar


The purpose of providing a ‘Mocktail Bar’ (Alcohol Free Cocktails) is to provide non-alcohol drinks in a creative way for guests. Host responsibility is a key part of planning a party or an event. As a host you should also provide substantial food, for example sausage rolls, a barbecue, hot meat rolls, etc.

What to Do Next

Choose your recipes, you may have some favourites or there are plenty on line. You will need to purchase the ingredients to mix the ‘mocktails’. Generally these include soft drinks such as ginger-ale, lemonade, lime juice, raspberry cordial etc. You will also need to purchase the fruit to decorate the glasses.

Have a go at making some of the recipes, you may want to change some of the ingredients to suit your taste. Have some fun with the flavours, you may also want to look around some craft shops to find interesting things to decorate the glasses with.

If you are expecting a larger number of guest’s you may need to hire some glasses, you can prepare them before by decorating them with the jelly crystals.


Some decoration suggestions are:

  • Cut up your favourite fruit and place these on a toothpick and balance on the glass edge.
  • Cut up oranges, lemons or kiwi fruit and press onto the edge of the glass
  • Dip each of the tops of the glasses into a bowl containing either lemon or lime juice then press into a bowl/bowls with different coloured jelly crystals
  • Then place a cocktail umbrella on each of the glasses


Place the ‘mocktails’ on a table, the mocktails look great presented on a black table cloth. You may wish to add other decorations to present them.